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What is the definition of staging? Staging is the activity or practice of styling and furnishing a property for sale in such a way as to enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers.

So what defines Staging Luxury Homes? Staging Luxury Homes is the practice of furnishing a luxury property to attract high end buyers and maximizing the potential of the property to sell at a premium price. So, the question begs, how do you achieve the goal of selling a luxury home at a premium price?

The first question everyone asks, as a Seller, should I stage a luxury home? The answer is absolutely. Luxury homes in the Hilton Head market are defined as homes in the top 10% of the price range, which are homes over $750,000. If you want to compete in today’s luxury real estate market, premium dollars are paid for luxury homes that are the most attractive and inviting. The first place potential buyers view the home is online. If a home looks dark or empty they may go see the next home that is decorated beautifully. Have you looked online to see an empty 5,000 or 10,000 sq foot home that is void of furniture, paintings or rugs? The home looks like a big empty warehouse; not attractive. Compare that to the home that is perfectly staged with high end furniture and accessorized with paintings and rugs. Lovely, the Luxury staged home will always get the majority of showings.

Here are some tips to attract potential buyers to view your home and to help you get a premium price for your home.

  • First tip is to stage the home, never try selling a luxury home that is empty, you will get low offers or no offers.
  • Second tip is to stage every room, do not just stage living room and master bedroom.
  • Third tip is to stage with high end furniture that matches the market where your home is located.
  • Fourth tip is to put up decorative window treatments that attract a high end market, discard inexpensive blinds or old curtains.
  • Fifth tip is to spend extra money on high end brand furnishings. Don’t go cheap, it will show.
  • Sixth tip is put high end paintings on the walls. Take cheap frames down and replace. Big luxury homes normally have high ceilings making big empty walls unattractive.
  • Seventh tip is to paint the walls so you don’t have white on white. Luxury homes normally have lots of beautiful trim and you want the walls to be painted so the trim stands out, not blends in.
  • Eighth tip is pile on layers for the bedding with lots of quality pillows, makes the bed more attractive and inviting.
  • Ninth tip is make sure the area rugs are fresh and current, remove old rugs or ones that don’t match your? market, nothing worse than old worn out rugs in a million dollar home. Area rugs can help frame a large living room or dining area also. Please don’t leave furniture just sitting on hard wood floors.
  • Tenth tip is never over stage and put too much furniture where rooms feel small and cramped. Potential buyers should feel comfortable walking thru the staged luxury property.
  • Eleventh tip is accessorize the kitchen where a chef can see themselves preparing a meal, again with high end small appliances.
  • Twelfth tip is to decorate the dining area with high end glasses and dishes so it looks like you are ready to entertain.
  • Thirteenth tip is to decorate outdoor living spaces with high end patio furniture, don’t get plastic chairs to fill the space.
  • Fourteenth tip is to use a professional staging company to help you decorate your Luxury Home, this helps keep your personal tastes out of the staging process.
  • Fifteenth tip is to make sure the real estate agent or the Luxury Home Stager uses a Luxury Home photographer so the angles and lighting are perfect when you present the property online.
  • Sixteenth tip is to get the home on the market as quickly as possible. Every day potential buyers come thru your market; you don’t want to miss a single opportunity.

We hope these tips will help you. We wish you good luck in selling your Luxury Home. Call us to see how we can help you.

Robert Young, Broker-in-Charge Hilton Head Luxury Homes
Certified Luxury Home Staging Professional,

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